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Honesty Commitment
Honesty Commitment 
Dear Sirs: 
For the purpose of standardizing business behaviors, maintaining fair competition order and preventing and controlling commercial bribery and on the basis of strict observation of your honesty construction system, we hereby make the solemn commitment as a company that:
(I) We shall strictly abide by relevant legal rules and regulations of the State and relevant provisions on professional integrity. 
(II) We shall not offer bribes to any of your employees in any form, including but not limited to commissions, cash gifts, negotiable securities, payment vouchers, valuables, etc. 
(III) We shall not try to obtain profits for any of your employees in any form, including but not limited to the following behaviors: 
1. To reimburse your employees for the expenses that shall be paid by themselves; 
2. To provide your employees with convenience for investment in capital, personal loans, or buying or selling of stocks or bonds; 
3. To offer facilities for your employees’ house purchase or decoration, weddings or funerals, their spouse and children’s job or school arrangements, going abroad, travelling, etc.; 
4. To arrange for your employees banquet, bodybuilding or entertainment activities that are likely to affect their fair execution of business; 
5. To purchase or provide for your employees communication tools, transportation vehicles or high-end office supplies; 
6. To provide spouses, children or other relatives of your employees with convenience for seeking unjust benefits; or 
7. To invite your employees for sightseeing or other luxury entertainment activities in the name of business discussion or economic contract signature. 
(IV) We shall neither violate your regulations by arranging your employees to do any part-time job with our company or a related company and/or giving them part-time salaries or remuneration, nor inquire about your commercial secrets or business channels from your employees by illegal means. 
(V) We shall be obliged to give you evidence or bear witness when you and related competent departments conduct investigations of suspected commercial bribery behaviors. 
(VI) We shall maintain strict confidentiality of your secrets, and without your prior written consent, we shall not disclose, in any form, any of your related information to any third party.
Commitment Entity: 
Legal Representative: 
Signature Time: 
Notes: 1. This Commitment shall be only applied to suppliers that offer services or cargoes to us, and make the honesty commitment to us. 
2. This Commitment shall be an integral part of any tendering and bidding document in any tendering and bidding process; and for contracts or agreements entered into by means other than tendering and bidding, this Commitment shall be attached as an appendix to these contracts or agreements. 
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